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During the 20 plus years of our agency, we have had the great fortune to work with numerous top class firms in different areas of specialisation: technology, healthcare, tourism, B2B, consumer goods, entertainment, education, gastronomy, luxury, transport and logistics, the environment, human resources, quality of life, corporate and finance, etc. This has allowed us to gather very valuable experience that helps us to offer the best solutions to those who work with Asesores.

Project MC2 from Famosa, or how to learn by playing


The animated series Project MC2 is a perfect example of how to communicate the STEAM movement to different audiences. STEAM is the current trend that intends to encourage children to take an interest in disciplines related with science, technology, arts and mathematics. At Asesores de Relaciones Públicas we helped Famosa to present the four models of dolls of the characters of the series, well-prepared and intelligent women who represent the slogan “Smart is the new cool”. We did not only wish to present a new collection of toys, but also a long-lasting project that contributes to positioning the Project MC2 dolls as an essential Christmas gift for the majority of girls between 6 and 10 years of age.

Project MC2 Famosa - Estrategia 1 Project MC2 Famosa - Estrategia 2 Project MC2 Famosa - Estrategia 3 Project MC2 Famosa - Estrategia 4


Taking into account the communication goals, we developed with Famosa a PR concept that encourages each girl to look for her more scientific side. To do so, we made a successful presentation at the Museum of Natural Sciences with the involvement of its Scientific Department, in order to provide mutual visibility and give our Project MC2 credibility.

The dolls were positioned as scientific reference models for the girls, who could see reflections of themselves in them. We showed how girls and boys could have fun while researching and experimenting in their environment.

In addition to the presentation event, we designed a series of actions to show the importance of gamification in education:

  • Special delivery to the media for Christmas markets
  • Unboxing of the product
  • Cycle of MC2 scientific practical workshops for children in the Museum of Natural Sciences throughout the autumn
  • Endorsement from América Valenzuela, scientific journalist and blogger, on social networks and in the presentation
  • Collaboration with Erika LPS, a young youtuber, to reach girls


  • Over 20 impacts in the media and family oriented blogs
  • Over 60 publications on social networks, generating around 1,600 positive responses
  • 4 unboxing actions with a selection of the main children’s youtubers in our country, totalling over 900,000 views

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