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During the 20 plus years of our agency, we have had the great fortune to work with numerous top class firms in different areas of specialisation: technology, healthcare, tourism, B2B, consumer goods, entertainment, education, gastronomy, luxury, transport and logistics, the environment, human resources, quality of life, corporate and finance, etc. This has allowed us to gather very valuable experience that helps us to offer the best solutions to those who work with Asesores.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the power of 3D printing


Surface Pro 4 is an innovative device focused on the professional market that Microsoft released in 2015. In order to keep awareness for the product , Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación designed a new approach that had not yet been tried: 3D printing. The new Microsoft operating system integrated in Surface Pro 4, Windows 10, has several free applications related with this trend, and we decided to demonstrate how a device focused on mobility could become the perfect product for creating 3D models and printing real images in this format. To do so, we invited specialised and general media to a special 3D printing workshop, where they could take their first steps in this world.

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For this action, it was essential to have the perfect partner: Exovite, a start up from Aragón that helps to shorten the recovery time of bone fractures through the printing of personalised splints. Juan Monzón, founder of Exovite, helped us to show the journalists the basic notions of this technology through devices and applications of the brand.

With the help of Juan Monzón and the Microsoft spokespeople, the attendees were able to create their own 3D models based on scans of their own hands, created by the Exovite device. A few days later, each guest received a fantastic physical recreation of the models that this unique workshop made possible.


  • 17 journalists from tech and general media attended the 3D printing workshop and were able to discover the advantages of the product and the services of Microsoft
  • Over 25 impacts in the media on the services and products of Microsoft and its advantages in the world of 3D printing

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