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During the 20 plus years of our agency, we have had the great fortune to work with numerous top class firms in different areas of specialisation: technology, healthcare, tourism, B2B, consumer goods, entertainment, education, gastronomy, luxury, transport and logistics, the environment, human resources, quality of life, corporate and finance, etc. This has allowed us to gather very valuable experience that helps us to offer the best solutions to those who work with Asesores.

Juntos en el Asfalto and the interaction between cyclists and drivers


Convinced that coexistence between cyclists and drivers on the road is possible and concerned about the figures of cycling-related deaths on the road:

  • To convert the #JuntosEnElAsfalto (Together on the Road) campaign into the most powerful awareness campaign launched in recent years thanks to Hyundai.  
  • To successfully launch, for the second year in a row, the free Hyundai support car service for cycling clubs and teams.

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To present the second edition of this project to national and regional media alongside the Centre d'Alt Rendiment in Sant Cugat, a benchmark institution for elite sports in Spain.

To secure significant institutional support for the campaign presentation. Six leading institutions in road safety supported the Hyundai initiative: DGT, AESLEME, Fundación MAPFRE, STOP Accidentes, Fundtrafic and RACE.

To have a graphic testimony of some key ambassadors involved in the campaign. Use of the video during the presentation and subsequent publication in the media and on social media. The brand provided a Hyundai Kona as a support vehicle for the on-road training of athletes from the women's triathlon team at the Centre d'Alt Rendiment.

Support with the involvement of the director of the Centre d'Alt Rendiment, Ramón Terrassa, and the brand ambassador, Josef Ajram, well-known for his passion for cycling. Also present were Juan Peralta (Olympic cyclist) and the Hyundai brand ambassador, Mireia Belmonte.


Awareness among all the campaign players and leading national and regional media of the importance of car manufacturers such as Hyundai launching initiatives of this type, essential for improving road safety and cutting the number of accidents on our roads.

Start-up of the Hyundai Experience service, through which cycling clubs and teams across Spain can use the corporate website to request a support vehicle for weekend training sessions. Between September and December 2018, more than 120 requests were registered and more than 2,300 cyclists were attended.

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