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During the 20 plus years of our agency, we have had the great fortune to work with numerous top class firms in different areas of specialisation: technology, healthcare, tourism, B2B, consumer goods, entertainment, education, gastronomy, luxury, transport and logistics, the environment, human resources, quality of life, corporate and finance, etc. This has allowed us to gather very valuable experience that helps us to offer the best solutions to those who work with Asesores.

Ranking Best WorkPlaces and the best companies in Spain


The list of Best Companies to Work has been published for the seventeenth year running. These are the best companies according to the Best WorkPlaces Ranking, developed by Great Place to Work® - a global consulting company which promotes the cultural transformation of companies.

Our main challenge is to bring together the greatest number of people from these businesses in an awards ceremony and to publicise this meeting and, most importantly, the results of the auditing process and the Final Ranking as widely as possible.

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Facilitate (as with every year) a DIRCOMS meeting, in which we will meet with the communications directors of the 50 companies. At this moment, they already know they are among the 50 best, but do not know their ranking. This meeting allows us to offer key communication tools in order to create a synchronised strategy and therefore achieve our full potential in terms of communication and visibility.

Celebrate a massive ceremony (600 people, including guests, staff teams and human resource managers from the 50 best ranking companies) at which the results will be presented. In addition to the 50 awards, we will highlight special awards which reward companies' excellence in greatly impacting business, people and society throughout the year.

Live broadcast on all Great Place to Work and BestWorkplaces 2019 ceremony agency social network profiles. Our main challenge is to look for varied values for ranking, in order to keep this information, which is published every year, interesting edition after edition. For this reason, after distributing the official statement to the media, in this edition we have distributed another 14 highly targeted press releases (by sectors and regions) in which some of the 50 BWP have their headquarters.


  • In this edition, Great Place to Work® has analysed 328 companies of different sizes and sectors and has considered the opinion of 395,828 employees.
  • The companies heading up the 2019 Rankings are: MAPFRE (in the category of over 5,000 employees), Lilly (from 501 to 5,000) and Cisco Systems (from 50 to 500).
  • In terms of communication, a week later we continued working to increase the visibility of the Ranking and to find new communication opportunities, but today, we can rely on coverage in more than 50 paper publications and 180 online publications. The offline press audience was made up of 4,132,660 readers and the online audience of 11,410,213 users. In total we have reached 15,542,873 people.

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