Strategic communication consulting

A team specialised in communicating your company’s capabilities

Would you like to publicise your business, services or organisation and boost the reputation of your company? Are you looking for a trusted partner with in-depth knowledge of the Spanish market and who can help you expand your communication abroad? You need a strategic communication consulting firm.

Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación provide an end-to-end communication and public relations strategy so that your company can publicise its services, products and values to the most appropriate audiences. We adapt to any situation and any industry through a team formed by professionals from the fields of public relations, journalism, advertising, digital marketing and consulting in general.

Aligned with your goals

We're experts in the design, development and implementation of communication tools aligned with the capabilities and strengths of each company that believes in us and, of course, with the business goals of the client. To ensure the best possible results, at Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación we focus on credible ways of communication that trigger interest in various audiences and help boost the reputation and importance of our clients.

To engage in strategic communication consulting, we learn about our client and investigate what their environment thinks about their services and products in order to pinpoint the audiences we're going to address. We become the "communication team" of our clients, not a mere provider.

Our main strategic communication consulting services are:

  • Communication audits and corporate reputation analysis
  • Relationships with influencers and other audiences
  • Organisation of press trips and fam trips
  • Measurement, monitoring and evaluation of communication and PR campaigns
  • Relationships with journalists and the media
  • Preparation of events and press conferences
  • Preparation of corporate dossiers, briefings and opinion pieces
  • In-house communication aligned with external communication