Institutional relations and CSR

Experts in long-term friendships

Sometimes, companies are judged not just on their products and services, but also on how they relate to other companies and institutions. Companies from different industries always look to surround themselves with the right partners, while using limitations in their communications can enhance the credibility of their actions. Institutional relations and Corporate Social Responsibility are now of paramount importance.

Here at Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación we help our clients to represent their interests before institutions with credibility and in a transparent manner. To do so, we use our ability to analyse and manage contacts to pinpoint groups of influence, cultivate relationships with them and improve the institutional relations of our clients.

Develop the most exciting projects

A key aspect of the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies is to publicise projects that help improve people's lives. Our responsibility is to provide communication tools and share our experience so that our clients can undertake social, cultural and charitable activities that improve their relationship with their audiences, both internal and external, and reach new audiences through the traditional media, social media and relationships with influencers, among other channels.

In our 20-plus years of experience, we've developed CSR strategies for all types of clients, from multinationals to local companies, and from different business sectors, all with the same goal: to convey how companies and institutions work to create a better society.

Our main services regarding institutional relations and CSR are:

  • Relationships with associations, platforms and institutions
  • Research into trends in different social areas
  • Preparation of trend reports and corporate materials
  • Creation, planning and management of forums and institutional events