Digital marketing and social media management

One single agency for many different channels

Does your company or organisation have an appropriate communication strategy on social media? Would you like help to optimise your website, blog or digital profiles? Digital marketing will be your closest partner.

It's an undeniable reality: we're living in a completely digital world. Successful brands today have chosen to boost their presence and their content on social media and other digital channels. What's more, smaller companies have successfully used social media to compete at the highest level thanks to its closeness to the client and power of interaction with the audience.

The key to effective digital marketing is coherence: social media content should be aligned with the messages and with the values that a brand conveys via its conventional communication strategy. And as we're experts in communication, we're the perfect team to manage your digital marketing.

All our experience, also in digital

At Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación we go beyond community management. As an agency specialised in the management of our clients' communication, we transfer all our experience and corporate knowledge to the digital world.

We create content and tailor our clients' discourse to social media in order to enhance their relevance and reputation on all the channels that are within our reach and to support their communication and business-related actions.

Our main digital marketing and social media management services are:

  • Digital marketing consulting and digital strategy development
  • Social media campaigns and communication actions
  • SEO
  • Management of online and social media advertising
  • Social media crisis management
  • Development and implementation of programmes with influencers
  • Design, layout and programming of websites, microsites, blogs and apps
  • SEM
  • Reports and analysis of online presence