Crisis Management

Prepared for any situation

Answer honestly: Is your company prepared to tackle a reputation crisis today?

News flies and bad news flies even faster. Companies and organisations have always been exposed to reputation crises, but, in the digital age, the possibility of being involved in a situation that negatively affects our image has multiplied.

No matter the industry in which a company operates: any company can suffer a reputation crisis at any time, even without being responsible for the criticised facts. At Asesores de RelacionesPúblicas y Comunicación we know that companies or institutions with protocols and systems to deal with these situations achieve better results than those that improvise.

How to turn a crisis into an opportunity

Sometimes, if a company is prepared for a possible crisis, it can come out stronger from the process and turn a reputation problem into an opportunity to showcase its true values. If the response from a company is appropriate, its audiences will value its honesty, speed and consistency. At Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación we help our clients to be prepared and appropriately manage any crisis.

That's why our 20-year-plus experience has allowed us to build up an expert team in crisis management and reputation management for clients in all types of industries. At Asesores de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación we act before the crisis has broken out; we believe in prevention to avoid or curb the effects of a crisis.

Our main crisis management services are:

  • Creation of a crisis manual
  • Spokesperson training courses
  • Relations with organisations and/or social agents involved
  • Tracking and measurement of the crisis process
  • Preparation of specific emergency strategies and plans
  • Simulations of crisis situations
  • Advice and crisis management